Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chambersburg Brethren in Christ (June 27 - July 3)

This was a great week! It was nice being with my home church and it definitely was more of a comfort because it took away the aspect of not knowing the people before coming into the week.  The first two days I helped Anna Mae Burkholder, our youth director, in the office and just got a little feel for how things go behind the scenes. I’d say the best part of that was getting to sit in on the staff meeting. It just showed me that not everything is always fun, there is a side that’s almost business oriented, when the side that I’m most familiar with is the relationship building. But the best part of that staff meeting was the last half hour we spent in prayer for each other, it was very uplifting being a part of that experience and for that I’m grateful.
            On Wednesday a group of about 20, including myself and 2 other leaders, left for Creation Festival 2011. This was my first ever experience camping at Creation, I had gone up before for a day but it’s a different experience when you stay on site. It was a great time. We had a wonderful group of teens who were ready to help do whatever they needed to; help with the cooking or filling of water jugs. Like I said earlier, it was so nice being with my home church but that did make it hard in a way to not be pulled into one specific group. I already had established relationships with some of the youth and some are newer to our church so I tried not to always be with one group of kids and let myself float a little. That was probably the best thing I could have done. I feel like I deepened the relationships that were already built and start building new relationships.
            I think one of the things I walked away with is just realizing that time equals relationships. It takes time for people to see who you are and then for them to trust you. It’s not something that just happens over night. And they really don’t care when you act yourself, have fun, and maybe make a fool of yourself dancing and singing at the top of your lungs to Toby Mac! I’ve been involved in a few summers of ministry at summer camps but I think I’ve just realized the impact that time does really have on a relationship. It was a good reminder.
            Thursday night I had the privilege of listening to Louie Giglio speak. He made the point that the reason we were put on this earth is to carry the name of Jesus. No matter where we go, what we’re doing, or who we are in contact with, we need to be carrying that name. There is no greater name. We each have the names given us by our parents but we need to be carrying Jesus’ name. We must be transparent so other’s can see Jesus Christ in us; Ally needs to be on the back burner so that Jesus may be seen in my life through my attitude, actions, and character. Some of the tasks I have been asked to do this summer take me out of my comfort zone and one in particular but I feel like God just calmed me, told me it was going to be okay, and that all I am doing is carrying his name…what an honor, why would I pass up an opportunity like that? Prior to this internship starting I was asking God to use me and to challenge me. He has surely challenged me and I can only hope and pray that he’s using me in the lives of those I come in contact with.

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